Popcorn Sale

2018 Details:

Help support the Popcorn Sale to make money for the troop and your scout account.

Key Dates:

  • 10/23- Orders due – see below
  • 11/10- Popcorn will be delivered- Pick up on Saturday at 11am at 1746 Boreland Ave, 15243 (The Tagg’s house)
  • 11/15- Money due to troop.  Turn in all money!

To Sell (Take order)

  1. Download an order form from the council website here. 
  2. Prices and popcorn information available on the order form above
  3. Be sure to ask aunts/uncles, family and friend!
  4. It’s recommended that you request payment when order is placed so you don’t have to worry about collection later.
  5. Be sure to give them a receipt, Click here for Popcorn Receipts.
  6. Checks should be made to Troop 834. Be sure to get address/name printed clearly on order form

Turning in Orders:

  1. All orders must be sent to Sean Nangle by deadline date above.
  2. Only the totals per item must be turned in.
  3. You can retain your “place order” worksheets that you used to log in your orders.  It is suggested you make a copy of these as a backup.
  4. Download the: Individual Total Popcorn order Troop 834 to enter your orders and then email this to Sean at Sean@Nangle.org
  5. IF you can’t open and enter this spreadsheet, let Sean know ASAP to ensure we can arrange to get your orders into the Troop order


Standard Prizes

  1. There are prizes available based on how much you sold
  2. You can select the highest prize or multiple prizes that add up to the total amount sold.
  3. When you turn in your order, you must select what prize you would like here.
  4. Indicate both the prize level and the prize item on the order form
  5. If no prize is selected, the highest prize for your sales will be selected

What goes into my account?

  1. Based on the total volume of sales by the whole troop will determine how much % the troop gets back
  2. All scouts will receive 25% of what they sell going into their scout account
  3. The remaining percent, between 5 and 7% will go to the troop fundraising budget

For more information on the Popcorn sales, visit the council website here