Scouting through Quarantine

Even though we are all in this quarantine that doesn’t mean that we have to stop scouting.  Now is when we should more than ever since we all have time. During this whole thing why not work on merit badges, or work on rank requirements. You cam print out at home a merit badge worksheet and fill it out and then bring it to the next scout meeting and find a parent who is an instructor in that merit badge and you can work with them to get it. If you need help, reach out. Reach out to an older scout who has the merit badge. See if there is anything they could help you with. Here is a link where you can find the requirements for every merit badge. Let’s see how many merit badges you can get done!

COVID-19 Meetings

These are tough times right now but scouting continues on. Throughout quarantine we started off having our meetings virtually over Zoom video conference and that was working nicely. Recently we ha e been fortunate enough to be able to go back to in person meetings. They have been small meetings at local parks and precautions have been taken during meetings to ensure the safety of all our scouts. Scouting stops for nothing and you can still be a scout even throughout this whole ordeal.

10/17/2019- Meeting

Troop 834 has been known to do many activities in order to further expand the knowledge of our scouts. In tonight’s meeting, we did a team building activity that was fun for the whole troop. The activity for the meeting was a craft that Keegan Kraeuter, our senior patrol leader, had prepared. The troop created pine cone bird-feeders by dipping pine cones in peanut butter and then covering them in bird seed. The idea behind the project was to do something that would not only be fun, but it would also be a good alternative to the plastic bird feeders that are sold in stores.  The activity proved to be exciting and a good way to help our scouts work together to create something new.