Q: I’m interested in becoming a Boy Scout. What should I do?

A: If you are “a boy who is 11 years old, or one who has completed the fifth grade or earned the Arrow of Light Award and is at least 10 years old, but is not yet 18 years old,” then Troop 834 would be happy to have you join! Contact us and visit one of our meetings and the troop will help you complete the rest of the Boy Scout Joining Requirements.  Be sure to visit our “Join Us” page for loads more information.

Q: I missed last week’s meeting. What happened?

A: Check our blog for the most recent announcements and updates on the troop. The calendar will eventually include meeting agendas.

Q: This is my first time on the new website. What should I do?

A: Every scout and adult leader should have a TroopTrack account. If you have not created one yet, send us your name and email on the “Contact Us” page and you will be sent a registration email. Once you’ve made an account, you should login using the link in the top right. All members are also encouraged to follow our Facebook page and subscribe to our blog.

Q: What do I get by making an account?

A: All scouts, parents, and adult leaders in Troop 834 are allowed to make an account. An account enables you to post comments and lets you use TroopTrack features, such as viewing advancement records, tracking participation, paying for events through a money account, and upload photos.

Q: I need some help with the website/I found a mistake on the website/I’d love to see _____ on the website. What should I do?

A: Let us know if you have any questions or comments concerning the website on the page “Contact Us“.