Hoagie Sale


Help support the Super Bowl Hoagie Sale to make money for the troop!

Key Dates:

  • ASAP  – Start selling
  • 1/24 – Orders due – see below, submit by 12noon
  •  2/1 – Money Due at Thur night scout meeting
  • 2/1 – Delivery of hoagies at regular Troop Meeting at OLG cafeteria

To Sell:

  1. Download a Flyer (click here: 2018 Tr 834 HoagieFlyer).  Use this to show friends and family.
  2. Download an order form (click here: 2018 Tr 834 Hoagie Order Form).  Use this to tally your orders.
  3. Be sure to ask aunts/uncles, family and friends!
  4. It’s recommended that you request payment when order is placed so you don’t have to worry about collection later.
  5. Checks should be made to Troop 834. Be sure to get address/name printed clearly on order form

Turning in Orders:

  1. Tally up your orders
  2. We only need total number per hoagie, you can keep your order form
  3. Submit your total order per hoagie by 12noon
  4. Submit your order by entering your info on this page: