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Welcome to the official website of Boy Scout Troop 834 based in Scott Township, PA.

About Us

Troop 834 is part of the Frontier District of the Laurel Highlands Council - Boy Scouts of America. We are sponsored by Our Lady of Grace Parish in Scott Township, Pittsburgh, PA. The troop is now in its 53rd year of operation and is currently led by Scoutmaster William K. Segeleon and Senior Patrol Leader William Phifer.

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Troop 834 always has something exciting happening. To keep track of everything you don't want to miss, the calendar will help you stay up-to-date with the most recent announcements, events, and updates.

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Are you interested in joining the troop? Do you want to know more about us? Send us any question or comment you have at the page Contact Us and we will tend to your needs as soon as we can.

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Blog at a Glance

Meeting Announcements 7/7/16

This was the last meeting before summer camp! All the scouts filled out their blue cards for the merit badges they will be taking at summer camp, then the Emu Patrol was taught some additional skills from Chip. The meeting time for Sunday morning has been changed! All scouts and adults going to summer camp are […]

Meeting Announcements 6/30/16

This meeting focused on completing some of the younger scouts’ requirements for Tenderfoot. This was surrounded by games of Ultimate Frisbee. Scouts should begin packing for summer camp now so they know what they don’t have beforehand. If you need a checklist of what to pack, see Chip. Scouts are responsible for their own transportation to […]

Meeting Announcements 6/17/16

The main discussion at this meeting was preparing for summer camp, followed by a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Discs of pictures from the Niagara Falls USA trip were handed out. If you went on the trip but did not receive a disc see Chip. The pictures can also be viewed here.

WEBSITE UPDATE: TroopTrack Integration

Over the past year Troop 834 has been modernizing its online interaction with the public and members of the troop. Last summer we introduced the new Troop 834 website, made using WordPress, but this mostly focused on our public image. Now with the addition of TroopTrack this year, Troop 834 is hoping to provide utilities to its current scouts and […]