Clearances & Waivers

All adults (over 18) that wish to participate in any Scouting functions must have completed and supplied to the troop the following waivers/clearances.  This is a standard requirement from both Scouting and our charter organization.

Once you have completed each of these trainings you will be presented with a certificate.  Please send a copy of this certificate to Trish via email.

Clearance 1 – Youth Protection Training (sometimes abbreviated as “YPT”)

Clearance 2 – PA Child Abuse

  • Good for 5 years
  • This is a short form from the state to complete and submit
  • No cost as long as you select to volunteer
  • Link to form:
  • If you don’t have an account, then create an account and go through the process

Clearance 3 – PA Criminal Background

  • Good for 5 years
  • Validation from the state police
  • Link to form:
  • Be sure to select the “volunteer” option as that is sufficient for us and is no cost

Clearance 4 – Protecting Gods Children

  • This is required by our charter organization, St. Michael the Arch Angel Parish
  • This is a 3-hour online course or if you contact the parish they offer sessions a few times a year in person
  • Link to form: