December 2016 Newsletter

Happy Holidays Troop 834

Hello Troop 834 it’s December and our scouting year is almost over. October was a very busy and exiting month. We had our annual litter pick up, a brief troop outing, and of course the second year of our golf outing fundraiser for the troop. Thanks to all of the people who were at the outing, because of all of you who were there the event was a huge success and we were able to raise $1,000 for our troop.

November was a busy month as well, and congratulations to Jack Ghelerducci for the excellent job he did restoring the Bridgeville veteran’s war memorial. The rededication ceremony went well. Mayor DeBlasio was there along with a guest speaker from the legion. Three local family’s where presented memorial banners to honor the loved ones that they lost. Who died protecting our country as the heroes they are.

The troop also had a fun filled weekend at camp Twin echo. We stayed in one of the newly remodeled cabins in the camp. Although we had some tough times when the power went out for several hours throughout the campout, everyone still had fun even though we lost power for several hours. We managed to stay warm since Chip and some of the adults got us enough wood to stay warm (and Mr.Ghelerducci along with several other adults who will not be named got yelled at). We cooked our dinner with flashlight and got to try Chips famous squirrel stew. While in the excitement of the season don’t forget about the troop events in December on Sunday December fourth we will be at the borough building preparing the luminaries for delivery. The event will be at 2:00 pm.  Troop 834 wishes all of our scouts and family members a happy holiday season.