David Domalik’s Eagle Scout Project Wrap-Up

Message from David Domalik – “Huge thanks to everybody who spent their day to come out and help build the ga-ga pit for my Eagle Project. I’d also like to thank Keystone Oaks School District, Coach Cliff’s Gaga Ball Pits, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and my family for their help in funding the project. If you haven’t heard of the game ga-ga before, look it up online and check out the pit behind Aiken Elementary for yourself.”

The project had a great turn-out, with much of the troop showing up. The boards were drilled in no time and went together easily in the brackets. After adding a cut-out, wall covers, and rules sign, Troop 834 had a blast playing ga-ga in the newly built octagon.

Pictures of the project can be found on the page “Pictures“. If you need to know how many hours you spent working, contact david.0925@verizon.net. The Keystone Oaks School District is always looking for more scouts to do eagle projects, so feel free to approach them with your ideas.


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