Meeting Announcements 6/30/16

  • This meeting focused on completing some of the younger scouts’ requirements for Tenderfoot. This was surrounded by games of Ultimate Frisbee.
  • Scouts should begin packing for summer camp now so they know what they don’t have beforehand. If you need a checklist of what to pack, see Chip.
  • Scouts are responsible for their own transportation to summer camp.
  • All scouts going to summer camp are expected to meet at the Scout Locker at 10 a.m. on July 10 in full Class A uniform. This includes uniform shirt, Troop 834 hat, Troop 834 neckerchief, slide, uniform pants, belt, scout socks, OA sash, and a red troop shirt underneath.
  • All scouts should have tent partners. If you and your partner have not yet signed up, see Chip ASAP.
  • Medical forms and insurance card information were due last week and is required for everyone (adults and boys) attending summer camp. If you have not turned that in, please do so to Chip or Mrs. Bronder ASAP.
  • All scouts taking the First Aid Merit Badge must create a personal first-aid kit before summer camp and show it to Chip. The list of items that should be in the kit can be found on page 108 of the new scout handbook.
  • If possible, please pack and wear your clothes according to this color code:
    • Monday – Green
    • Tuesday – Blue
    • Wednesday – Gray
    • Thursday – Black
    • Friday – Red Troop 834 Class B
  • For the second year in a row, daily picture updates will be posted on our Facebook page to show the people at home what is going on at camp. If you have not yet followed our Facebook page, visit
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