Meeting Announcements 7/9/15

Summer camp is only hours away! On July 11 at 11 am, all scouts and leaders are expected to be at Our Lady of Grace cafeteria. Full uniform is required for all scouts (includes troop hat, troop red shirt, BSA uniform, troop neckerchief with slide, scout shorts, belt, and scout socks). All gear will be loaded onto the bus. On the bus ride down to camp, we will not be stopping at a restaurant for lunch, so be sure to pack your own. You are welcome to bring a PG-13 or below movie for the bus ride, but Chip will have the final say on what is played. Snacks are allowed, but be extremely careful in what you choose to bring; we don’t want any unexpected visits from nature! Dinner the first night at camp will be ravioli. If any scout has medical issues with food, let Chip know. All scouts must be in camp by 2 pm on Sunday for group check-in.

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