UPDATE: OLG Festival Drink Booth Sign-Ups

The Our Lady of Grace Festival is only days away, and almost half of the shifts are still open! Troop 834 finds it imperative that we help our sponsoring organization, and this is the biggest time of year that we can do so. If you have not signed up for a shift already, please consider helping out. Email Jen Fisher at fisher163@comcast.net with the shift you plan to work before Friday, August 7. More information on the festival can be found here. The table below shows who we have so far. Help fill in the ?????

 Monday  Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday
Shift 1 Hand Family & Domalik Family Hand Family & Trusiak Family Fisher Family & ????? Marwan Sadaka & ????? Mazzotti Family & ????? Corchado Family & ?????
Shift 2 Domalik Family & ????? Isaac Lord & Mazzotti Family Fisher Family & Jeff Ghelarducci Isaac Lord & ????? ????? & ????? Bronder Family & ?????
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