WEBSITE UPDATE: TroopTrack Integration

Over the past year Troop 834 has been modernizing its online interaction with the public and members of the troop. Last summer we introduced the new Troop 834 website, made using WordPress, but this mostly focused on our public image. Now with the addition of TroopTrack this year, Troop 834 is hoping to provide utilities to its current scouts and leaders that will help benefit the operation of the troop as a whole.

So what is TroopTrack? TroopTrack describes itself as “The Best Scouting Software on the Planet!” by “tak[ing] the hassle out of managing your scouting group.” The service acts as an all-in-one website to help plan scouting events, manage troop and individual records, communicate with your troop, track scout advancement, and share various forms of media. These vague categories only brush the surface of all the features of TroopTrack, but to reduce confusion the average scout or adult will only need to focus on a few of the essentials.

In order for a complete transition over to the TroopTrack system, Troop 834 is asking every member of the troop to register their account. An email asking you to register your account will be sent out to all members who have an email address recorded in the troop database. Please follow the instructions included in the email. If you succeed, you should be presented either with the “Private Home Page” or your dashboard (which includes announcements, your itinerary, and rank progress).

If you did not receive the email, it is possible that the troop does not have your email address. To fix this, go to the page “Contact Us” and explain your problem. Be sure to include your name and email address in the message. You should receive your registration email in the following days. If you have any other problems, you can also explain them on the page “Contact Us” and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Creating a TroopTrack account is extremely important because the old WordPress calendar, email list, Remind text message list, MediaFire pictures, and Ultimate Member accounts are being discontinued. Troop 834 will now be using TroopTrack for all these features.  Without an account, you risk being left out of the loop when new events and announcements come up.

At a future troop meeting (TBD) the features of TroopTrack will be explained in more detail, but feel free to explore once you’ve made an account. If everything goes as planned, the troop will be operating more efficiently than ever before!

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