OLG Festival Wrap-Up & Golf Outing Fundraiser

  • Chip and the other organizers of the Our Lady of Grace Festival are very appreciative of all the time Troop 834 has put in to help make the festival such a huge success. They’d like to thank everybody who came and set up, worked evenings during the week, and took down the festival.
  • Troop 834 is hoping to hold a fundraiser at Frosty Valley Golf Links near the end of October. Whether you golf or not, bring your friends and enjoy a round of 9 holes with the troop! In order for this to happen, we need to have at least 40 golfers. If you or anybody else you know is interested, let Chip know.

UPDATE 2: OLG Festival Drink Booth Sign-Ups

Thank you all that signed up to volunteer for the drink booth at the Our Lady of Grace Festival. Please make sure you show up a few minutes early to check in at the volunteer table. The first shift is from 6:30-8:00 pm and the second shift is from 8:00-close. Below is the final schedule.

 Monday  Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday
Shift 1 Hand Family & Domalik Family Hand Family & Trusiak Family Phifer Family & Isaac Lord Marwan Sadaka & Susan Clellan & Jack Ghelarducci Bischer and Mike Barmada Corchado Family & Fisher Family
Shift 2 Domalik Family Isaac Lord & Mazzotti Family Fisher Family & Jeff Ghelarducci Mazzotti Family & Jack Ghelarducci Lumadue Family & Bischer and Mike Barmada Bronder Family & Fisher Family

Meeting Announcements 8/6/15

  • During this meeting, Troop 834 helped set up the OLG Festival by moving booths and setting up tables. At the end of the meeting, Matthew Mazzotti did a presentation on Bridgeville.
  • There will not be a meeting next week due to the OLG Festival. We will resume August 20.
  • There are still plenty of opportunities to help out at the Our Lady of Grace Festival. See this blog post for the full list.
  • Troop 834 will be selling popcorn as a fundraiser. If you’d like to organize this, see Chip. Chip also has the order forms. Watch for an email later this week with more details.

UPDATE: OLG Festival Drink Booth Sign-Ups

The Our Lady of Grace Festival is only days away, and almost half of the shifts are still open! Troop 834 finds it imperative that we help our sponsoring organization, and this is the biggest time of year that we can do so. If you have not signed up for a shift already, please consider helping out. Email Jen Fisher at fisher163@comcast.net with the shift you plan to work before Friday, August 7. More information on the festival can be found here. The table below shows who we have so far. Help fill in the ?????

 Monday  Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday
Shift 1 Hand Family & Domalik Family Hand Family & Trusiak Family Fisher Family & ????? Marwan Sadaka & ????? Mazzotti Family & ????? Corchado Family & ?????
Shift 2 Domalik Family & ????? Isaac Lord & Mazzotti Family Fisher Family & Jeff Ghelarducci Isaac Lord & ????? ????? & ????? Bronder Family & ?????

David Domalik’s Eagle Scout Project Wrap-Up

Message from David Domalik – “Huge thanks to everybody who spent their day to come out and help build the ga-ga pit for my Eagle Project. I’d also like to thank Keystone Oaks School District, Coach Cliff’s Gaga Ball Pits, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and my family for their help in funding the project. If you haven’t heard of the game ga-ga before, look it up online and check out the pit behind Aiken Elementary for yourself.”

The project had a great turn-out, with much of the troop showing up. The boards were drilled in no time and went together easily in the brackets. After adding a cut-out, wall covers, and rules sign, Troop 834 had a blast playing ga-ga in the newly built octagon.

Pictures of the project can be found on the page “Pictures“. If you need to know how many hours you spent working, contact david.0925@verizon.net. The Keystone Oaks School District is always looking for more scouts to do eagle projects, so feel free to approach them with your ideas.


More OLG Festival Dates

In addition to running the drink booth, the festival has plenty of other volunteer opportunities.

August 1 @ 9 am – Set Up Booths

August 5 @ 7 pm – Finishing booth setup (Tarps and placement)

August 6 @ 7 pm –  Setting up and moving tables to gym for Bingo

August 7 & 8 @ 8 am – General Set-Up

August 9 @ 9 am- Potato Peeling

August 9 – Donations Due

August 10-15 @ 6:30 pm – Work Drink Booth

August 10-15 @ 6:30 pm – Tray Washing

August 16 @ 9 am – Tear-Down

This list will continue to grow. See Mrs. Fisher to sign up for the drink booth. See Chip for all other events.

David Domalik’s Eagle Scout Project

David Domalik will be building a Ga-Ga pit for his Eagle Scout project on July 25. The start time is 9 am and we are expected to finish around 3 pm (if everything goes as planned), but any time you can put in will be much appreciated. The building of the pit will be at the playground behind Aiken Elementary on Greentree Road near the Parkway Center Mall. Construction at the school has finished, so feel free to park in Aiken’s parking lot. Lunch will be provided. If the day is rained out, we will reschedule for July 26 at 9 am.
Please let David know ASAP if you can make it on the 25th by sending him an email at david.0925@verizon.net. If you have a truck we can use, include that in your response.
For more information, see the event here.

Our Lady of Grace Festival Sign-Ups

Every year Troop 834 helps our sponsoring organization by running the drink booth at their annual festival. It’s getting closer to that time of year again and the troop is ready to start taking sign-ups for shifts. The first shift is from 6:30-8 pm and the second shift is 8 pm to close, August 10-15. Ideally, at least 2 scouts and 1 adult should work each shift. To see what slots are open and sign-up, contact Jen Fisher at fisher163@comcast.net.

For more information, see the calendar event here.