Summer Camp 2015 Pictures

Summer camp might be over, but the memories will live on forever. Help us preserve them by sharing your pictures with the troop! Upload all of your summer camp 2015 photos using the link at the bottom of the page Upload. To upload your pictures, you must be logged in to the website. To view and download all of Troop 834’s pictures (including the ones from T. Brady Saunders) visit the page Pictures. If you need any help uploading, viewing, or downloading photos, let us know on the page Contact Us. DVD’s of all the pictures from summer camp are also available for $1.

Facebook Page is Back!

We’re glad to say that the Troop 834 Facebook page is now up and running again! Updates, events, and blog posts from this website will be shared as well as pictures and last-second changes. Feel free to like the page, subscribe to notifications, and share it with others.

Meeting Announcements 7/9/15

Summer camp is only hours away! On July 11 at 11 am, all scouts and leaders are expected to be at Our Lady of Grace cafeteria. Full uniform is required for all scouts (includes troop hat, troop red shirt, BSA uniform, troop neckerchief with slide, scout shorts, belt, and scout socks). All gear will be loaded onto the bus. On the bus ride down to camp, we will not be stopping at a restaurant for lunch, so be sure to pack your own. You are welcome to bring a PG-13 or below movie for the bus ride, but Chip will have the final say on what is played. Snacks are allowed, but be extremely careful in what you choose to bring; we don’t want any unexpected visits from nature! Dinner the first night at camp will be ravioli. If any scout has medical issues with food, let Chip know. All scouts must be in camp by 2 pm on Sunday for group check-in.

Meeting Announcements 7/2/15

  • There’s only one more meeting before summer camp! If you haven’t told Chip who you will be tenting with, let him know by next week’s meeting. All scouts are expected to show up in full Class A uniform and ready to board the bus the morning of July 11. If you are not expecting to make it that morning, let Chip know.
  • All boys are expected to wear full Class A uniform for any boards of review or ceremonies. This includes Courts of Honor and Eagle Ceremonies. You will be turned away from a board of review if you don’t have a uniform. In the summer, Class B is also expected of all scouts that attend meetings.
  • The new troop website is ready at! Let David Domalik know what else you want to see on the site.

Week of 6/21/15

The upcoming week is packed with activities for scouts of Troop 834.

Starting on Tuesday (6/23), Niles Hand is working on part 2 of his Eagle Scout Project at Sam & Mary’s Woodworks. He needs to build 2 sandwich boards for Our Lady of Grace Church and is asking for some older scouts to help. More Info

Next up on Thursday (6/25), is Tyler Trusiak’s Eagle Ceremony in place of our regular meeting. The ceremony will be held in Conroy Hall of Our Lady of Grace Church. More Info

Finally, Saturday (6/27) features a car wash fundraiser to help raise money for our transportation to summer camp this year. All scouts are welcome to come and help. More Info

Welcome to the New Troop 834 Website!

If you’ve seen the old Troop 834 website, you know how much an update was needed. This is it – the new Troop 834 website. It should help potential scouts find the troop online. For current scouters in Troop 834, the website should also help you know everything that goes on with the troop through the calendar, blog, and pictures in addition to acting as a resource, a 24/7 way to contact the troop, and a method to document troop members and activities.

To find the website, I suggest typing into the address bar of your web browser. When you first get on the website, make an account by clicking Login in the top right corner. The account will enable you to view member-only pages and comment on posts. From there, feel free to explore the website. If you find any mistakes or want to see something on the website, please let us know.

The website is mainly run by me, David Domalik (scout webmaster), with some help by Mr. Nangle (adult webmaster). I added all the content into the website and will be keeping all of the pages up-to-date, including writing most of the blog posts. I have tons of additional features and information that I plan to add to the website, so keep your eyes open for any changes.

I hope you enjoy the new Troop 834 website!